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Employment Opportunities

R&D Engineering Intern          

Stellartech is looking for an Engineering Intern to join our R&D Team.

Job Function:

  • Assist Project Engineers in development and testing of components and assemblies used to manufacture disposable medical devices.
  • Assist Project Engineers in the design and development of medical products.
  • Assemble components and subassemblies into appropriate configurations to allow evaluation of characteristics and performance.
  • Set up and operate test fixtures and data collection systems to allow evaluation of product components, subassemblies and final devices’ performance.
  • Assemble devices, components and subassemblies for product testing and/or manufacturing.
  • Maintain results of device/component testing in a documented form, e.g. lab notebook.
  • Perform product and process validation and verification activities for devices and document the results in a lab notebook.
  • Provide and prepare validation information in a suitable form for inclusion in Design History File.

Marginal Function:

  • Familiarity with test equipment, such as tensile tester, oscilloscope, digital multi-meter, etc.
  • Able to use hand tools and some machine ship equipment, such as hand drill and drill press, band saw, wire cutters and strippers, needle nosed pliers, soldering irons, calipers, etc.
  • Hobbyist with electronics, electromechanical systems, computer systems, single board computers etc.
  • Ability to perform inspection and simple assembly using microscope visualization.

Education and Experience:

  • High School Degree and enrolled in a baccalaureate engineering program. 
  • AS or BS degree in STEM is also preferred.

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