ISO 13485 Registered

Stellartech Platform Technology

Stellartech’s innovative Platform Technology allows you to leverage Stellartech’s world-class energy delivery expertise to rapidly configure a state-of-the-art ablation system that meets the requirements of your specific application, whether it is the delivery of Cryogen, Microwave, RF, or Cooled RF.  Stellartech energy delivery platforms offer:

  • Rapid prototyping of sophisticated design concepts
  • High performance modular hardware and software
  • State- of -the art touch screen GUI
  • Advanced device control and data collection/display features
  • Field-tested technology
  • Pre-validated manufacturing processes
  • Agency approved configurations

All of this in a System designed to meet your requirements, with a custom “look and feel”.


Stellartech Ultra-Configurable Energy Generator

• Multiple energy delivery modes
• Multi-channel temperature feedback & control
• Seamless integration of energy delivery and fluid cooling
Uterine Ablation

Irrigation Flow Pump

• Variable pump capacity; programmable flow settings
• Stand-alone, wired or wireless slave-mode operation
• Integrated occlusion sensing and bubble detection